Some comments and reviews we have received from our clients.

Thank you to everyone who comments, it means a lot to us.

“I am happy with the service I had and I can highly recommend SB Clinic to my friends just in case the they need and Sarah was very nice and supportive its only my second visit and I feel better , thanks for the service you’ve given me.”

Sam was brilliant and cared about what my problems were and was genuine in his approach. I felt at ease and comfortable with his knowledge and professional manner. Already booked my next visit ! Cheers!”

“Excellent treatment, as I was sent re a Back to Work directive, so paid for, I have no idea how much each session costs, however more than happy with Sarah, very professional, and gave plenty of tips. So all in all a very BIG THANK YOU”

“I have had excellent care and attention. I have felt physically more able. I also intend to carry on having a regular massage in order to keep up my ability to be more mobile and free from discomfort.”

“Great service from Sarah very helpful and knowledgeable to my needs”

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