Do you know what to expect before you attend your first appointment, whether it is with a doctor, a physio, or any other healthcare professional?

I want you to have a stress-free experience when visiting my clinic for the very first time. Over years of helping people, I have come to learn that there are key questions everybody wants answering during their first appointment.

What have I injured?

What caused it to happen?

How long will it take to recover?

Will I need to come more than once?

How much will it cost?

To ensure all these key questions are answered, all initial consultations take up to 1 hour. It takes time to fully explore your history and movement habits, I want to give you an accurate diagnosis and recovery plan.



Taking a comprehensive history of what's happened and any previous relevant medical history.

A thorough examination - to reach a diagnosis and identify those tissues that need addressing.

An explanation of why you are not feeling and functioning at 100%.

A realistic explanation of how long your recovery may take.

An outline of the journey to recover and reach your goals - including an estimate of the number of appointments and cost.

Agree on a Treatment Plan (how many appointments will be needed).

Start some physical treatment to give some immediate pain-relief (massage, acupuncture, etc.).

Coach you on the first steps of a home exercise program to help you immediately begin to make progress.