Personalised Clinical Pilates

Booking a personalised one to one clinical Pilates appointment could really enhance your recovery. One to one instruction ensures you are performing all the exercises correctly. As a result you will also get far more out of a group class when you know you are using the correct muscles for each exercise.

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Clinical Pilates has been modified by physiotherapists. It combines the principles of classical Pilates with current research into areas such as muscle function and dysfunction, stability and biomechanics. This approach creates a safe, clinically effective treatment and rehabilitation tool . It is particularly beneficial when treating lower back pain.

One to one Pilates gives you personalised instruction. These sessions are tailored to your exact needs working towards individual goals. They are therefore ideal if you suffer from orthopaedic issues including osteoarthritis, chronic pain and various health issues. A one to one session is suitable whether you are new to exercise or an experienced Pilates class attender.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

There are numerous benefits to be gained from performing Clinical Pilates exercises. Some of these include:

Improving your posture and core stability

Increasing your muscular strength and flexibility

Prevention of injuries

Aiding rehabilitation from your injury or chronic pain

Restoration of your normal movement patterns

Enhanced breathing control

Increasing your co-ordination and muscular control

Improvement in your overall body tone and fitness

Improving your balance

Pain relief

Clinical Pilates focuses on the quality of movement patterns not quantity. It is a total mind-body conditioning exercise program which can improve general fitness, and well-being. Clinical Pilates is based on creating a stable core by activating the pelvic floor, deep abdominal and spinal muscles, which is essential for maintaining correct postures. As a result, good control and balance of your body can help to prevent the risk of injury.

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